Sustainability lays in choices such being less harmful to the environment and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. The current state of our planet and its environment is growing worse every day. But where is light – there is hope. There’s still time to change and to take some small, but necessary stepst towards better future. The good thing is that we can each do our part by being more aware of our habits and consumption. Finding ways to be more sustainable in our every day life is a great place to start.

First of all, we would like to thank you for being here and supporting our sustainable mission on a constant level. We are happy to see so many of you sharing the same thinking as our brands represents.

As a sustainable fashion brand, our mission is to rise awareness and encourage as many you as possible, to take a look at the other more human side of fashion and try to live your life by better made choices, this way, and only this way, we can secure a better future. We are happy to see so many like minded people around us, who support this particular way of thinking. We are proud to share with you how and under what circumstances are FANNA products made, and what happens with them after they came to the end of their life. Our brand is mainly focused on sustainability environment friendliness and to push back over-and-waste production caused by rapidly changing fashion industry. 



Our brand works with environment friendly materials such as ECONYL®  and OEKO TEX certified Organic Cotton. Our long-term goal is to support our world’s sustainability on a broad scale level and choosing the right material was no question at all. It's very important to us that women who wear our pieces feel self-confident and great in their skin. All the Fanna pieces are ment for those environmentally and health conscious women who want to get the maximum out of themselves.



The Oeko Tex cotton fabric is fabric that uses standard cotton but has been certified free from hazardous chemicals and is therefore deemed safe. Most makers and brands use fabric that is certified on the 'Oeko Tex 100 Standard' which deemed products baby and child safe. Therefore by choosing Oeko-Tex certified Organic Cotton material for our pieces, we support reducing the environmental footprint and most importantly safe work & better livelihoods.

All the benefits this certified material holds:
  1. 80% reduction in water consumption
  2. 80% reduction in energy consumption
  3. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere ess soil and water pollution
  4. Better land fertility
  5. Beneficial impact on the health of farmers and their families
  6. When growing ordinary cotton, about 10% of all chemicals used in global agriculture are used - no such agents are used in the production of bio-cotton.
  7. Among the undoubted advantages of organic cotton are its properties, such as unusual softness and delicacy in the grip, which, thanks to the greater strength of the fibers, is possible even after repeated washing.



Econyl is created from synthetic waste such as industrial plastic, waste fabric, and fishing nets from oceans, then recycled and regenerated them into a new nylon yarn that is exactly the same quality as virgin nylon. It can be recycled, recreated and remoulded again and again, which means you can create new products and buy new products without having to use new resources.

For every 10 000 tons of ECONYL® raw material, we are able to save 70 000 barrels of crude oil and avoid 57 000 tonnes of CO2 eq. emissions. As well as being a solution on waste, ECONYL® regenerated nylon is also better when it comes to climate change. It reduces the global warming impact of nylon by up to 80% compared with the material from oil.

Process behind the material:

01_Rescue The ECONYL® Regeneration System starts with rescuing waste, like fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring and industrial plastic from landfills and oceans all over the world. That waste is then sorted and cleaned to recover all of the nylon possible. 
02_Regenerate Through a radical regeneration and purification process, the nylon waste is recycled right back to its original purity. That means ECONYL® regenerated nylon is exactly the same as virgin nylon. 
03_Remake ECONYL® regenerated nylon is processed into carpet yarn and textile yarn for the fashion and interior industries. 
04_Reimagine The beauty of ECONYL® regenerated nylon is that it has the potential to be recycled infinitely, without ever losing its quality. We believe circular design is the future and using ECONYL® is our first step on that journey.



Right up in the beginning, we decided to take responsibility and do everything in our power to ensure best environmentally-friendly packaging possible. Recycled packaging is a great way to extend the life of previously used materials. Our whole packaging is made from recycled or partially recycled materials, and as a bonus to that, with every purchase you get a free gift bag made of recycled materials (likejeans or/and other re-used materials). We reuse and recycle everything that is possible. We collect different materials selectively. Not only paper, metal and plastic but textiles as well thus we produce almost no communal waste. We make our products uniquely for you after ordering thus endeavor environment friendliness as we don’t a huge stockpile.



Recycled packaging is a great way to extend the life of previously used materials. Our whole packaging is made from recycled or partially recycled materials, and as a bonus to that, with every purchase you get a free gift bag made of recycled materials (likejeans or/and other re-used materials).
There must be so many old jeans in your wardrobe – the ones that you do not really use much, the ones that do not fit you anymore, the ones that are too short, the ones that are fashionable enough and the ones that are already torn apart. All these jeans will get a chance to become something new at FANNA. Why not give them another chance at life? Same goes for your dear FANNA pieces no longer serve you, please feel free to return it to our collecting point for recycling purposes. The bag we give as a gift with the purchases are made from mostly recycled materials. And of course, we will reward you with a 300 HUF coupon for each pair of jeans, which you can use with your next purchase.
Our collecting point is: 1073 Budapest, Kertész utca 41. 2nd floor, 7th door. Ring: 27. 
To meet us at the drop off point, pre-registration is required via email at
PLEASE NOTE: * Coupons are for single use and cannot be used in conjuction with other promotions, coupons or vouchers. They cannot be exchanged for cash. In case of a product return, the amount of the voucher will not be refunded. The offer is valid to be purchased within 3 months after issue at the webshop.