Donating to the causes we deeply care about is a heartwarming.  Every month, we will choose and organization to donate to, and here, you can always found the organization we previously donated to. If you have suggestions, please feel free to e-mail us at

As a brand, we are very much aware that we stand in one of the most influential industries in the world – this being said, we are more than happy to take place in such an empowering and strong positions, and to be able to inspire many of you to take upon better actions. Everything that we stand for is based on strong human values -we do good, we believe in good and we are also surrounded with good! That good, would be all our Wonder Fanna Women, who bring so much joy and light into this, sometimes a little miserable world.  

As a customer, having any kind of impact on such a powerful and big industry might seem a little of your control at first, but believe it when we say, that you can make a huge difference with even a slightest step. Here, at Fanna Polewear, we believe that everyone should have the right to live their best life, and we are so grateful to be in a possition to help others and give them hope, that everything shall be good one way or another. We want you to know, that every time you purchase a Fanna piece, you shop with a difference. You Make Difference. 



We supported this association with 3% of the incoming orders in March, in order to provide women with necessary hygiene products for their period. This association was established in 2017 and has been improving the daily lives of people living in Manafwa, Africa ever since. Medical examinations and preventive sessions related to fertility awareness, body awareness, menstruation and period poverty are also covered by professionals who also focus on examinations, treatments and education affecting the health of women and adolescent girls.



We supported the #familyisfamily campaign among the For Rainbow Families Foundation with 1% of the incoming orders in month of June. This foundation makes it possible for children to grow up in a loving, caring and supporting environment. The concept of marriage and family have been changing for the last couple of years. Although families with parents of different sexes are the idealized model, there are other (rainbow) types of families as well. We believe that the most important thing for a child is to grow up in a loving and caring environment, that the concept of family is much more colorful than we’d sometimes think. Family is family, no matter the age, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation. All that matters are the people who make the family one.