This week we prepared special content about FANNA’s clothing manufacturing operation. We would love to share the background of our work and give you more insights into the process and lifestyle our brand represents.

The question is: WHO MADE YOUR CLOTHES?

We were inspired by the Who Made Your Clothes campaign, which draws attention to the rapidly changing shopping habits, accelerated clothing consumption, overproduction, and the environmentally damaging activity of the fashion industry. Let’s jump right into it!

As you might already know, the clothes that pop up in malls and fast-fashion companies are largely made by hard-working people who are exposed to tremendous pressure, unpaid overtime, and dangerous work environments. These decent people do the work for unimaginably low pay and they’re even deprived of their work-and-human rights.

Meanwhile, on the other side, or the “more human side of fashion” today, more and more people are paying attention to the importance of human values, protecting our environment by supporting a different way of thinking and by that, ensuring a better future for ourselves and the future generations.

We are pleased to share that FANNA pieces are made in Hungary, with a Hungarian workforce, 100% dedication, great creativity, and so much love.

I started sewing and unfolding my creativity when I was about 10 years old. My mother inspired me, she taught me lot when I was a kid. Couple of years later I graduated as a clothing engineer and have been working in this field ever since. So many great memories, awards and never ending challenges. I love the creative process behind every piece I made.”


From the very beginning, we imagined an inspiring community of strong women gathering around our brand. Thanks to enthusiasm, dedication, and hard work that drives our team members to create, we can share our joy with you too. We do everything in our power to ensure the idea of a green wardrobe, and besides providing clothing that is environmentally conscious, sustainable, and ethical, we want you to invest in good quality-timeless pieces that you’ll be able to enjoy for years.

Is the idea of conscious, ethical shopping new to you? Don’t worry, we got you. Stay tuned!

July 05, 2021 — Mana Matovic

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