Embracing the spirit of giving back to causes close to our hearts is a truly uplifting experience. If you have any suggestions or ideas, we welcome you to connect with us via email at shop@fannapolewear.com.

As a brand, we recognize our significant presence in one of the world's most influential industries. We take pride in our empowering position, using it as an opportunity to inspire positive actions. Our foundation is built on robust human values – we actively engage in doing good, believing in goodness, and surrounding ourselves with positive influences. The true embodiment of this goodness lies in our Wonder Fanna Women, who bring joy and light to our sometimes challenging world.
While it may initially seem that as a customer, your impact on such a colossal industry is limited, we assure you that even the smallest step can make a significant difference. At Fanna Polewear, we firmly believe that everyone deserves to live their best life. We are grateful for the privilege to contribute to others' well-being, offering hope that everything will eventually turn out for the better. When you choose a Fanna piece, you're not just making a purchase – you're making a difference. Your support creates a positive impact, and we want you to know that you are truly making a meaningful contribution every time you shop with us. You Make a Difference. 


In March, 3% of our orders supported the Africa Born in My Heart Association, aiding women in Manafwa, Africa with essential hygiene products. Since 2017, the association has conducted medical exams, preventive sessions, and education on fertility awareness, body awareness, and period poverty for the health of women and adolescent girls.
In June, 1% of our orders backed the For Rainbow Families Foundation's #familyisfamily campaign. The foundation ensures children grow up in a loving environment, embracing diverse family structures. We believe family transcends age, race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation – it's defined by the people who make it whole.