This past year has been a rather difficult one for most people, a lot of our lives have come to a halt and we’re simply unsure of what step to take next. We wanted to take a chance and reflect on all the good and positive things surrounding us. Having a negative mindset was never an option for the FANNA family itself. 

We decided to dedicate the last blog post of the month to our great stuff, community and all the current and future #FANNAWOMEN members. We want to thank each one of you, for being that wonderful and inspiring woman that you are.

Every woman is a human soul but it is also a combination of love, sacrifice, knowledge, joy, hard work, beauty and last but not the least a golden heart symbolizing purity. But do not be fooled, at the base of all that beauty is feminine strength. A strong soul. When you see a beautiful woman, she has something so special about her. A quality you can’t quite put into words. 

A strong woman knows that no pain is too deep, no dream is too far, no expreience is too bad. The good times and the hard times both benefit her. A strong woman stays afloat in the storms of life and besides all the strength and independence, a strong woman is also graceful, charming, and soft on the indise. Just like You, just like all our #FANNAWOMEN are!

We are completely mindblown by all the love and support our community shares. Our #FANNAWOMEN are beautiful, confident, independent, supportive, and besides all that, they are all environmentally conscious super-women! They support the same path as our brand – together we believe that better days are coming and a brighter future waits for us and for our planet.


All you have to do is purchase at least one FANNA item, and you’ll automatically become a part of our #FANNAWOMEN membership. Click here to read more about all the great benefits we have for you.  


July 05, 2021 — Mana Matovic

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