“Change starts with a simple thought and taking a step towards it’’.

As you might already know, our brand is focused on sustainability and environmentally-friendly choices. Our mission is to support the world’s sustainability on a broad scale, and we belive that little changes can also make a big difference. 

Sustainability lays in choices such being less harmful to the environment and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. The current state of our planet and its environment is growing worse every day. But where is light – there is hope. There’s still time to change and to take some small, but necessary stepst towards better future. The good thing is that we can each do our part by being more aware of our habits and consumption. Finding ways to be more sustainable in our every day life is a great place to start. Standing strong behind our thinking, we decided to dedicate this weeks blog post to our planet, creating #beaFannaWoman challenge for all of you who would like to participate. Proceed with reading to learn more details about it.  

First of all, we would like to thank you for being here and supporting our sustainable mission on a constant level. We are happy to see so many of you sharing the same thinking as our brands represents. In addition, we researched simple ways on how to keep being more environmentally conscious, and we wanted to share them with you. These are easy changes that everyone can make with a little self-awareness and will power. 

Please make sure to follow all the safety measures prescribed during the COVID-19 pandemic! Keep distance of 2 meters! Wash your hands! Wear gloves if possible! Wear a mouth and nose covering mask when on public transport!

In this difficult times, we hope you all are excited for spring to come, just as much as we are. Winter season might be the most challenging one for most of us, since the cold dark days are not suggesting productivity rather survival. Let’s make the most out of our last cold days! Our #beaFannaWoman challenge this February mainly focuses on cleaning our beautiful planet and making our environment impeccable. Of course, we won’t leave you without rewarding your commitment: all participants will get one, one-time coupon with 20% off their next order. All you have to do is to post a photo or a video of your environmentally conscious choice on Instagram, and use the hashtag #beaFannaWoman to participate in our challenge. To find out more about the challenge continue reading. 

Why is cleaning the environment and taking care of our planet important?

Cleaning the unclaimed garbage on the beach, at the park, in your neighborhood or even in your own garden is not only leading to a happy state of min mind but also a to a healthy body. Sunlight and fresh air rejuvenates our body and boosts the happy hormones, specially in this difficult times with all the restrictions we have going on. Next time when you go out for a walk, or you take a quick stop at the grocery store, take a look around your surroundings and see what you can do to make it better. Begin with one corner of the park or one corner of your garden. A small area can take 15 minutes or less to pick up all the unnecessary garbage, and the feeling of accomplishment will last much longer and motivate you to keep going more and more. Where there is cleanliness, there is the presence of calm and clarity. 

REMEMBER: If you try to overhaul your entire lifestyle, you’ll quickly become overwhelmed and burnout. The most sustainable changes are the ones that are personally sustainable. Start small, and start in one place…

Since COVID-19 restrictions are mostly ruling our life, we kindly ask you to respect the rules and to follow the above mentioned safety steps. In case you feel cleaning your surroundings are too much of a risk for you, here are some other options you can use to participate in our challenge:

  1. Re-purpose emtpy glass jars
  2. Use reusable clothes for makeup removal
  3. Use plant based sponge
  4. Collect bottle tops and unused fabric. Read more about our sustainable mission.
  5. Donate your old clothes and other items instead of throwing them away
  6. Shop consciously – choose higher quality clothes instead of supporting fast fashion
July 05, 2021 — Mana Matovic

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