Is pole dance a feminist movement? This question has been asked countless times, stirring numerous debates and discussions. We at FANNA love giving voice to such conversations and are excited to dive into this hot topic. We 100% believe (and experience!) that pole dance has evolved into a powerful feminist movement, and in this blog post, we will explain why.

The history of pole dancing is intricately woven with the striptease industry, a fact we acknowledge with profound respect. It is thanks to the pioneering women of this field, who showcased their strength, agility, and artistry despite societal taboos, that pole dancing could evolve and flourish. Today, pole dancing has transcended its initial context and emerged as an empowering form of fitness and creative expression. This progression has been especially meaningful for women, allowing them to explore and celebrate their bodies in new, liberating ways.



Modern-day pole dancing defies stereotypes and expectations, presenting a depth and complexity that challenges societal norms, dismantles stereotypes, and redefines the concept of femininity. This transformation wasn't sudden but the result of a steady, defiant push by countless women who saw the potential for an empowering physical discipline. As we delve deeper, we at FANNA celebrate the resilience and strength of the women who turned pole dance into a symbol of feminist empowerment.

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We invite you to follow along as we uncover five reasons why pole dancing is not just a form of physical exercise but a feminist act in its own right. We promise that these insights will surprise you, challenge your preconceptions, and broaden your understanding of both pole dance and feminism. So, buckle up and prepare for a deep dive into the empowering world of pole dancing.

1. Body positivity

Pole dance is a celebration of the body, regardless of its size, shape, or age. It rejects the narrow beauty standards imposed by society and embraces all body types and abilities. Pole dance studios offer diverse classes that cater to different fitness levels and goals. Moreover, many pole dancers from all walks of life share their progress on social media to inspire and encourage others to join them in their fitness journey.

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Pole dancing also cultivates an atmosphere of vulnerability. It requires dancers to expose their bodies in order to grip the pole, which can initially feel daunting. However, this vulnerability soon translates into a sense of liberation. Peeling away the layers of self-doubt and inhibitions leads to an acceptance and love for one's body. It teaches that strength and beauty exist in every body type, not just those depicted in traditional media. Through this acceptance, fellow pole dancers build a community where everyone feels comfortable and empowered.

2. Equality

Pole dance is for everyone. It welcomes women, men, and non-binary individuals to explore their bodies and express themselves creatively. Unlike other sports that often limit participation based on age, size, or gender, pole dance encourages anyone to start at any time and progress at their own pace. This inclusivity helps break down gender stereotypes and promotes mutual respect and support among participants.

Equality in pole dancing extends beyond simple inclusivity; it is about breaking barriers and challenging preconceived notions. In a pole dance class, everyone is treated equally, irrespective of age, gender, or body type. The focus shifts from societal labels to individual strengths and talents. The pole becomes the great equalizer, with each participant having the same opportunity to succeed and progress. The classroom environment is often one of camaraderie and mutual respect, where each individual's effort and progress are celebrated. This sense of equality fosters a supportive and non-judgmental community where everyone can feel free to express themselves without fear of ridicule or prejudice.

3. Creative sport

Pole dance is both art and sport. It requires strength, stamina, flexibility, and coordination, but also allows room for creativity and self-expression. Pole dancers blend acrobatics, dance, and storytelling to create unique routines that reflect their personalities and emotions. This creative outlet helps pole dancers express their femininity, sensuality, and power, which are often suppressed or judged by society.

Pole dance, as a creative sport, offers a platform to express one's emotions and ideas in a physical and highly visual manner. Dancers are able to infuse their performances with personal experiences, deep human emotion, or a narrative of their choosing, turning each routine into a unique story told through movement. The pole serves not just as a tool but as a partner in the dancer's storytelling, helping them to convey messages of power, vulnerability, or joy.

Much like a blank canvas for a painter, the pole provides an open space for dancers to create and innovate, challenging the boundaries of what is physically possible and artistically captivating. The combination of strength, agility, and creativity required in pole dancing pushes dancers to continuously evolve their techniques, styles, and expressions, making every performance a unique masterpiece.

In combining athleticism with artistry, pole dance effectively challenges the dichotomy often seen between sport and art, proving that the two can coexist harmoniously. It is this blend of physical strength and creative expression that truly sets pole dancing apart as a unique and utterly captivating discipline that is empowering women all around the world.

4. Pushing limits

Pole dancers constantly challenge themselves to reach new heights, both physically and mentally. They train hard to master difficult moves that require strength, courage, and focus. Trying and failing is part of the learning process, and pole dancers learn to embrace their mistakes and celebrate their victories. This process instills a sense of accomplishment and confidence in pole dancers as they realize what their bodies are capable of.

Of course, pushing limits in pole dancing is not just about physical boundaries but also about mental barriers. Dancers often encounter moves that initially seem impossible to execute. These challenging moments, however, are opportunities for growth. They require dancers to trust their strength, balance, and coordination. As the pole dancer perseveres to conquer these challenging moves, they learn to trust their bodies more, overcoming their self-doubt and fear.

pole dance feminism

Moreover, pushing one's limits in pole dancing also involves stepping out of one's comfort zone in terms of self-expression. Traditional societal norms may make some people feel uncomfortable about expressing their sensuality or power. But pole dancing (whether it's sensual pole dance or other forms) encourages individuals to break free from these norms and explore their bodies in new, liberating ways. This level of self-expression can be a transformative experience, helping individuals to become more confident and comfortable in their own skin.

As a result, pole dancing becomes more than just a workout or a contemporary dance form. It becomes a platform of self-discovery and self-growth, where one learns to push personal boundaries and redefine what's possible. In this journey, pole dancers not only develop physical strength and flexibility but also build mental resilience and emotional bravery.

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5. Self-respect and ownership

Pole dance fosters self-respect, independence, and self-acceptance, which are key factors in feminism. Pole dancers learn to listen to their bodies, set boundaries, and make choices that honor their well-being and desires. They also learn to appreciate their bodies for what they are, rather than conforming to unattainable beauty standards. Pole dance has become an empowering platform where female sexuality is celebrated and not shamed.

Pole dancing serves as a powerful tool in cultivating a deep sense of self-respect and ownership. This extends beyond mere body ownership; it is about embracing oneself holistically, appreciating the interplay of one's strengths, vulnerabilities, emotions, and desires. In pole dancing classes, participants are encouraged to respect their own pace, limitations, and progress, teaching them the value of patience and self-compassion. They become more attuned to their bodies, learning to distinguish between a healthy challenge and unnecessary strain. This fosters a unique sense of body consciousness that promotes well-being and reduces the risk of injury.

Moreover, pole dancing fosters self-acceptance. Dancers learn to appreciate their bodies not for their aesthetic appeal, but for their strength, resilience, and capability. They learn to celebrate their unique attributes instead of comparing themselves to others. This shift in perspective fosters a healthier body image and promotes self-love and acceptance, both integral components of self-respect and ownership.

In essence, pole dancing serves as a catalyst for self-discovery, fostering a deep sense of self-respect and ownership that extends beyond the dance studio and seeps into every aspect of dancers' lives. It teaches individuals to honor their bodies, assert their autonomy, and embrace their unique identities, which we believe resonates strongly with the tenets of feminism.

FANNA and feminism

FANNA stands proudly at the intersection of pole dance and feminism, embodying the values of respect, equality, and empowerment. We strive to be more than just a pole wear brand; we work to be a catalyst for positive change, dedicated to fostering an environment that celebrates the strength, resilience, and uniqueness of every woman.

Our founder, CEO, and favorite feminist pole dancer: Fanny

Our founder, CEO, and favorite feminist pole dancer: Fanny

At FANNA, every piece of pole wear we create is a testament to our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. We believe that respect extends not only to our customers but also to everyone involved in our supply chain. We ensure fair treatment and compensation for all those who contribute to the creation of our products, emphasizing the principles of equality and justice that are so elemental to feminism.

Our materials are sustainably sourced, reflecting our dedication to preserving the environment. We understand the importance of safeguarding our planet for future generations and incorporate this belief into our business practices. Each item of clothing is created with care and respect for the environment, making FANNA an eco-conscious choice for pole dancers.

We also place a strong emphasis on community and sisterhood, mirroring the supportive and empowering atmosphere of the pole community. We aim to inspire and empower women, fostering a community that thrives on mutual support and encouragement. We believe in the power of women uplifting each other, celebrating each other's successes, and standing by each other during challenges. This sense of community and sisterhood is woven into every aspect of our brand, and we are so grateful for the countless women who have joined our journey and become part of the FANNA family.

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