On April 22 every year, we celebrate Earth Day. The idea behind this day is to reflect on how we affect the environment and what we can do to contribute to a healthier planet. This day is a helpful reminder on how to reduce our carbon footprint and all together take a closer step towards better future. If you’re reading this blog post, you are most likely sharing a passion for planet Earth with us. Stay tuned for more. 

As a brand which supports sustainability and environmentally-friendly choices, our mission is to help you and guide you on your journey towards sustainable and environmentally conscious lifestyle. We believe that even little changes can make a huge difference. Do you agree?

Join our #EARTHDAYWITHFANNA challenge, take action and share how you preserve our planet Earth. Use the hashtag and tag us among on your social media platform for 15% OFF on your next order!

Since this topic could be quite heavy, we wanted to reflect on parts that are most likely affecting and are benefitial to you, and to our FANNA community. 

In past years, choosing sustainbale fashion has become a popular way to adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle. So we thought – why not start with clothing? A while ago we talked about the #WHOMADEYOURCLOTHES campaign, which draws attention to the rapidly changing shopping habits, accelerated clothing consumption, overproduction, and the environmentally damaging activity of the fashion industry. Since FANNA is a sustainable brand, we think that investing in brands that follow sustainable and ethical procedures are already a great start towards change. We are proud to share how and under what circumstances are FANNA products made, and what happens with them after they came to the end of their life.If conscious shopping is new to you, click here to find out more about it. 

What else can you do?

    1. Build your wardrobe consciously: make a list of the things you need and try to stick to it. Avoid buying unnecessary things. 
    2. Buy long-lasting, quality pieces: high quality pieces will last long and this way, they are always worth the investment. 
    3. Take good care of your belongings: everythings last longer if washed and stored properly.
    4. Be creative: build your wardobe up with essential, easy-to-combine items. This way you’ll have multiple choices.

In case your dear FANNA pieces no longer serve you, feel free to return them to our collecting point for recycling purposes. Any old or outgrown jeans, that are only keeping up the space in your wardrobe, are more then welcome for recycling! The bag we give as a gift among all the purchases are made from mostly recycled materials. Click here to find out what we have to offer in return.

On the other hand – we collected some easy, practical examples to try out or even stick to in everyday life to help preserve our Planet Earth:  

  1. Recycle and separate waste, especially plastic which is very harmful to the nature as it is very slow to disintegrate.
  2. Buy fewer products or none in plastic packaging and more in the paper, glass or any other biodegradable material.
  3. Save water by turning off the tap when brushing teeth or when shampooing hair.
  4. Save electricity by turning off the devices and the light when they’re no longer in use. 

What do you do to preserve the Planet Earth? When do you feel the most connected to the nature? Where do you find the easiest to slow down, pause and recharge? Share your thoughts and suggestions via e-mail or share it on social media by tagging us among. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #EARTHDAYWITHFANNA.


July 05, 2021 — Mana Matovic

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