Every year at the time of the Black Friday sales, dozens of people tend to wait in line for hours, ready to burst through the doors of their favourite fashion store and fight over the discounted pieces.

If you are interested about the main reason why we decided to stand strong behind the ANTI BLACK FRIDAY CAMPAIGN, read along. 


By encouraging the lifestyle of mindful shopping and buying less, we at FANNA take a sustainable approach and we tend to raise awareness of the environmental and social impact that the fashion industry generates. First of all, we value each and every customer of ours and celebrate slow fashion and try to make a difference with our less-impactful sustainable processes. We try to do our best to spread the word to our conscious wonder women to make the best choices possible, to stop shopping impulsively and unnecessarily! 

Together with you, we want to stand up against the Black Friday campaign! We decided to increase the value of all in-person purchases by 10% and for the online purchases we will activate the possibility of leaving a TIP to support us on this journey against the Black Friday campaign on November 26th.  

We will divide this extra amount collected for the campaign and turn-it into FANNA’s developing purposes on all levels needed. As we value our workers and we make sure their work is appreciated and reasonably paid, we always seek for better and we believe there’s always room to grow!


  • Spread the word, support our campaign
  • Share our writing, start conversations on this topics
  • Buy only what you need
  • Support independent and local sustainable brands that protect their workers and the environment 
  • Skip the Black Friday deals 
  • Make purchases from vintage, second-hand and charity shops
  • Upcycle, recycle and reuse


At the time of Black Friday sales, almost all fast fashion brands rely on customers' impulsive choices, which will make their discounts even more attractive, the brands very easily drag you into unthoughtful choices, which basically are not really necessary. High fashion stores make their clothes available at a reasonable price, but a less better quality in order to make them last shortly and to make you buy more and more each season. 

It is very important to invest only in the things we truly need. Preparing a well-thought-out purchase is the best possible way to avoid impulse purchases. Instead of quantity, quality should be the number 1 thing to consider. Quality and timeless pieces will be of use for years, and what’s more, they support the idea of the green wardrobe. Far the biggest step in conscious shopping is to try and think outside the box. The key is to look beyond the curtain of advertisements, and think about the process which lays behind buying a particular product. What kind of company do you support with your money? Do you support unbelievable working conditions in a far away country where the production of the purchased product makes more waste than it’s actually worth. Or do you support an environmentally friendly company with responsible behavior? 



Every year, more than 98 million tons of non renewable energy source is being used in the fast fashion industry. Every year, approximately 1.2 billion co2 and 500 thousand tons of micro plastic is being released to the oceans because of all the waste the fast fashion industry generates. According to the Environmental Protection Agency 16.22 million tons of clothes were thrown out last year, from which 10.46 ended up in landfills! According to ILO in a few decades half of the paid workforce will be replaced with advanced technologies in the fashion industry. 

Is this something we would you like to support? This might be something to consider. 

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