Our main mission at FANNA, what is the most important in our brand concept is taking care of the planet Earth.

It has been more than 3 years that we continuously work on our zero waste production, regular donations, and reaching the sustainability to the maximum possible extent. 

Imagine walking barefoot on fresh grass in a forest. Isn’t it one of the best feelings in the world? Isn’t the sound of nature, the pure freshness something you wish to save for the next generations to experience it as well?

We sure do!



The Earth’s wildlife is not only interesting for its unparalleled beauty and exciting diversity. It is also key to our own health and livelihood. The complex system of ecosystems and habitats provides drinking water, clean air, topsoil, raw materials for food and medicine, and many other services without which we could not exist.

Humanity’s overconsumption is continuously on the rise, using nearly 30% more resources than the Earth can reproduce, and human activity has drastically changed the image of the Earth’s surface and the climate of our planet. As a result, the ecosystems that supports our lives have begun to collapse: extreme weather is more common, water and food shortages are becoming more frequent, high-quality production areas are shrinking, sea levels are rising and warning signs are affecting millions of people worldwide. 


1% of our income between April 22nd - May 22nd will be donated to WWF Hungary, which is constantly fighting for sustainability around the world.

Their nature conservation work covers the protection of aquatic habitats, especially river and floodplain systems, the natural forests, sustainable, environmentally friendly agriculture and rural development, and last but not least the protection of endangered habitats and species. In addition, they pay great attention to reducing the effects of climate change and spread the idea of environmental awareness as widely as possible.

FANNA’s mission is to create a future that lives in harmony with humanity and nature. Our mission is to maintain biodiversity, reduce environmental pollution, promote the long-term sustainable use of everything possible, and encourage the use of sustainable clothing.

Be part of the mission, choose wisely, become a conscious wonder woman of our FANNA community!


Source: https://wwf.hu

April 22, 2022 — Bernadett Fodor


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